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Vitamin c allergy questions and answers

vitamin c allergy questions and answers

I have post viral gastroparesis and the doctor said it would go away in 5 days on its own. I took ranitidine for a whole week last week and a day I have a small taste bud that is a little swollen. I went to the hospital and had the doctor look at it. He said it was not cancer.
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    Question: Is there such answfrs thing as a Vitamin C allergy? I have a new friend middle aged female who claims to have this as well as many food dislikes.

    This Vitamin C allergy runs in my family. Even the Ester-C versions don't help. The only advice that I can give is to minimumize it as best you can. It shows up in shampoos, lotions, and all sorts of flavorings - not just citrus fruits and juices. Doctors don't believe there can be an allergy to Vitamin C. May 22,  · Too many supplements. Could I have vitamin C allergy? Could you ever have an allergy to vitamin a palmitate? Is there a connection between vitamin d and allergies? I have a sulfa allergy. Are there any vitamins I should avoid? Is it ok to take the prenatal vitamins after finishing lactating? These vitamins have help for my severe allergy? As the others say, it’s not possible to be allergic to vitamin C. Otherwise would you be dead long time ago. Do you have reactions when taking vitamin C supplements? Most people may tolerate a few thousands mg vitamin C per day, but this is highly.

    She claims to not be able to eat most fruits and vegetables. She says her last allergist years ago only promoted shots and therefore she has refused to return.

    I have never heard of her "allergy".

    Can vitamin c cause skin rash - Answers

    Is she just making excuses for eating things she dislikes. She is sick looking with unbelieveably thinning hair and poor complexion.

    vitamin c allergy questions and answers

    She also doesn't eat pork ,seafood or chicken. I am a retired 32 years, RN and have long been aware of allergies and testing. She takes no antihistamine, other than a rare p. Benedrylwhich I believe is not the most effective drug for an allergic reactions.

    Is allergy to Vitamin C possible?

    Is this woman for real? The University of Maryland Medical Center states that taking more than 2, mg of vitamin C daily is not recommended. Taking allergt high a dose can lead to nausea and diarrhea. You may also develop an upset stomach and vomiting, especially if you've taken vitamin C on an empty stomach.

    These side effects are not related to an allergy; you simply need to reduce the amount of vitamin C you take.

    What is vitamin C?

    The recommended amount for an adult is 75 to 90 mg per day. Vitamin C is a necessary nutrient. Not only is it an antioxidant, but answerd vital for healthy tissues and wound healing. The body doesn't manufacture it, so you must ingest it.

    Allergy to Supplements

    If you are sensitive to the supplements, don't worry, because many foods are rich sources of vitamin C, particularly citrus fruits. If you think you may have a medical emergency, immediately allerty your doctor or dial This tool does not provide medical advice.

    See additional information. What is vitamin C? Does vitamin C help fight colds? Is it safe to take vitamin C supplements?

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