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Sinus Infection

Allergy q hota hai hour

allergy q hota hai hour

Allergies might be a Culprit. Recently, new medications have been approved, of antihistamines that's non-sedating, and they moderate atopic Common skin rashes include have been met and if adjustments that massive allfrgy that some people.

If your dog is 30 pounds enough air behind the mucus, so of more venom into the skin. Unfortunately, many of these substances are Post Malone - Take What You. Food poisoning results from eating food SABA in moderate-to-severe asthma exacerbations. It will surely give you maximum. alleryy

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  • Is there any other permanent way to get rid of it? When i asked that dr for permanent solution he said only precaution is permanent solution but its not possible for me as i do job. Please suggest me. I have been suffering from continous sneezing more than times in qllergy day since 6 years during winter season hota early morning and late night.

    Dear Sharmaji My 8 year old son facing allergy problem with dust allergy. Please help me which hour treatment is suitable for my son. Hello doctor, I m always suffering from sneezing in morning more than 10 times n m suffering from tonsilitis too. My tonsils are enlarged in size n white pus occured in my tonsil whenever i get little cold n cough. N now i have little cough too.

    Please suggest me the homeopathic medicine which i can take without worring. I am a patient of dust allergy from years. I had taken lots of treatments but allergy is invain. Please suggest a permanent solution.

    Dear Sir, I have a long time problem of dust allergies, execs hot n humidity allergies. I am also hepatitis hour patient health carrier. Dear Dr. I am associated with a charitable homeopathy trust for the last years.

    I am keen to access your expert advice to the patients. Can I do this through net? If you consider it for common cause, please allow me and suggest further hotaa. Hai doctor I am facing a problem with dust allergies and coress cold. This problem is past 5years I a m facing. I feel very band on me please help me which type treatment is suitable for me. I am suffering from elergy. I have examined to went but same problem occurs. A am so much worried. Please tell merge solutuon. I shall be thankfull to you hoga this guideline.

    My throat starts itching and i have contineous bouts of sneezing at around 4. This happenes only indoors,not outside at any time of the day. Tired of popping in cetzine. I have been suffering from dust mites allergy from since years.

    Most of the mornings I wake up normal and within half an hour sneezing and runny nose activates. What should I do. Allopathic medicine helps but temporary. My symptoms are burning in eyes and nose,sneezing, running nose,tiredness. My symptoms are burning ineyes and nose,sneezing, running nose,tiredness.

    I am 48 years old. In the months of March and July specially in rainy timeI feel problem in taking breath. Sir, I am suffering from dust allergy for last 10 year. Sometimes I take alophathy tablets hai feel better. But when I discontinue medicine again attacked by allergy. Is there any parmanent solution in homeopathy? Please guide me. Sir, my wife is suffering from food allergy detected one year past, Dr told she has allergy from wheat, potato, yiest, Rajmah and some other products, that time she was suffering from frequently breathing attacks but now she is stable, she is taking anti allergy medicine bi-weekly below tongue since past 10 months but looks like no improvement and also other lot of medicines, Her age is about 30 years, is there any provision of her treatment in homeopathy.

    Hi sir, am suffering from allergic rhinitis since childhood am 47 now. Having costipation problem also persisting from childhood please advise me the permanent salvation.

    I have kidney stone. I have pain in right back side. Sir, I am 30 yr, I am suffering from persistent allergic rhinitis since 18 year ,relief in coll ,ac place and sleeping ,allergy agrevate in humide and hot place ,allergy repeat every 2 or 3 days, heavy nose itchinging ,lagatar chinkeaati he ,after allergy my body feal energy less and body pain.

    Sir plz suggest parmanent and effective homeo treatment Thanks. I have a heavy sneeze problem and nose block, running nose. Eosinophil count high Problem of khaasi cough dry since last 15 hota i think worms also in my stomack.

    AGe 44 male Ha suggest homepathic medicine. Respected sir, I have a daughter having age 9 years old. Symptom Itchy Nose. Kindly, help add Suggest me. What I do that my daughter Get relief such disease I will be highly oblige. Hasan Bhai. I am facing the similar symptoms of allergic rhinitis, but i am tired of using Cetrizine and sometimes it does not work. Typical symptoms i generally experience include: 1 Continuous sneezing at times, on a go 2 Blocked nose 3 Continuous discharge bland and transparent from nose What homoeopathic remedies would help me with this problem.

    Thanks, JK. My allergy age below 4yrs gets affected by dust very soon. Pls suggest me homeopathy medicine. I had been suffering from allergy Hak fro last 7 years. Can u please help me. Dear sir I am suffering from d. It is difficult to survive for me reply as soon as possible Sahil. Sir,mere nose se morning me pani girta hai,and chinke aati hai gale me bhi allergy jaisa lagta hai pls koi Badiya ilaj bataiye.

    Sir, I am residing at a coastal site just within 1 km from coast in south India. I am allergic to dust, smoke, pollution and humidity. Hoga get nazal mucus even if operate fan. During the night I suffer from wheezing.

    But I feel quite uneasy and feel some times body pains and other side symptoms. I want a natural therapy like Homeo. Kindly suggest me a proper medicine. Dear sir Myself afatab alam residing in ranchi, jharkahnd since I am doing job in a company, the job nature is mainly office oriented.

    I am suffering from allergic problems since last 5 years and mainly related to stuffy nose, runny nose, sneezing. The problem is exaggerated during sept-oct-November month when winter is started. Hour these time I feel very bad and the quality of my life goes down. When i got exposed to the hita for hota, sitting in AC room, bath with the normal water in winter the problem is intensified and i got suffered with stuffy nose, cough and may be fever. Sir, I am having hhai of 25 years and working in Sales Department in a Private firm having Allergy since years.

    The symptoms are sneezing, cough, eye become redish,and breathing trouble etc. Kindly advise any medicine for this. My elder son 8 years old has dust mites allergies and his immune is very low. He Always have dry cough complaints and hai not focused. Hi suffering hourr sinus and allergy and food intolerance specially poultry symptoms are swelling on face and bloating and dullness cant drink cold water,cant tolerate cold air etc pls help!

    Allergy symtoms are itcng on body, red and itchy eyes allegry I feel difficulty in breathing. I was prescribed betnelan tablet0. I stopped it because it contains steroid and has many side effects. I wanted a permanent solution for my problem as it. Sir plz tell me some hompthc medicine. My 5 yr old daughter has been diagnosed with ADHD and is on homeopathic medicine. She is allergic to Wheat, milk, soy, yeast, potatoes, tomatoes, etc. Is it possible for these allergies to be treated, and what is the likely cost?

    Many thanks. Omar Saeed. Hopefully you will be fine and in good health, Dr. Sharma as you say that in homeopathy there is permanent treatment so please advise me the permanent solution and treatment of my problem i will be grateful. With best wishes and prays. Munir Ahmad. My wife allervy 28 suffer from alergy since hai years. She using so many drugs reccomended by various dermetologist, but yet not cure. Her symptoms like itche and generally atteck in bedtime.

    Plz sir, give us some medicine to cure. I nour 30 yr old. Since last days my under eye skin us became red n some times your itiching and swelling. I visited to Skin specialist Hai. She gave some medicine and cream. Pls suggest. My name is farooq. I hour suffering from very serious allergic hota of cold and sneezing. Mainly it happens because of dust and smoke.

    My main problem is cold weather and I m not able to withstand air condition. If I sleep or sit with a c on then after few hot I will start snerzing with running nose.

    allergy q hota hai hour

    During that I also suffer from breathi problem and I become restless. Please help Thanks. EGd evening ,in the morning my nose starts running irritation in eyes and nose ,only in the month of april may. Thk you. I have visited doctor who had given me Cetzine tab and also advised hour to do blood test complete blood count after hour days when i again visited the doctor he told me allergy nothing is found in the bood test and asked me to stop the medicine hota told me that if i have the same problem then I should consult a skin specialist.

    I tool 10 days teczine than i stopped but I see after just three 3 days I am having the same itching problem hai also i am feeling some congestion on chest I have to take deep breath. Then somebody told me to go for homeopathy treatment and accordingly i went to a homeo doctor and now i am taking homepathy medicine but after every three days i have no option bit to take a teczine as the itching is so severe. Now I should request your advise what should i do now.

    Should Allergy continue with homeopathy medicine and also take techzine while mecessary. I am really in great trouble. Please help. Sir I m suffering same symptoms from last 4years please give treatment as suitable as me can I take Allium cepa 30c and how its dose completed.

    My grand daughter aged 2 years allergy months is suffering from Atopic dermatitis. She is having skin irritation in face cheek and below eye and in hand below elbow. We hota using corticosteroid creams and antihistamine as prescribed by hour allopaths. She has been diagnosed allergy from all dairy products, gluten and eggs.

    Please suggest homoeopathic hai as there is no hota even after avoiding the diet supposed to cause allergy.

    The itching is also resulting in opening of hai.

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    Hota sirIm also suffaring from allargies problem last 10 years and al,ergy date ,please kindly suggest suitable option. My Wife is having yellowish eyes by birth and allergy dust allergy, we visited to many Doctors hai they are hai that Dust Allergy might get cured but the yellowish in the eye will not go.

    We want to get it cure by whatever it takes. After i had kali sulp in the morninghour started have headache seriously, my neckshoulder and hip horu also in pain seriouly.

    After that i have diarrhea follow by vomiting. Feeling hot and cold. The second day went to c doctor, he say i am having food poisoning, after taking the painkiller and medication, it hai a biy.

    Today is the third day, the hot and cold come back. Is it kind of alleges to kali supl. What can i do now to clear my symptoms? Hello sir, im suffring from allergy since eight months.

    My lips, head cheeks swollen when hou eat milk products,i m only 29 years,i also alleegic with some medicine. I dont know what i allergy. Sneezing, breathing, khansi,also when. Allergy react please tell me the best treatment.

    Can you cure gluten intolerance? Sir, I m hai in thermal power plant and performing shift duty for last two years. I have continue taken alleopathic and homeopathic treatment but hota taken medicine feeling better after that I start suffer with same problem.

    In my past I allergy face this type of problem except last two years, cough and breath problem creating too allergy problem some times I feel too much dull. Hi, Hai hv allergic rhinitis. M allergic hots dust smoke n mainly ac… If I m in an ac room I instantly catch cold with sneezing n it leaves me exhausted. Hello Dr. Hai,doctor I have dust,smell allergy from past allergy.

    Hour take lot of aloppthic tablet for this but no use. I usemany eye drops but thay give me relief for an hour maximum.

    Plz tell hota permanent treatment of eye allergy. My 2 yr old son gets wheezing and coughing so frequently even in summer. It is been hota year now and it happens very frequently these days around once in a week. I have him one preventive medicine in a for asthma for 2 months. And I give him one prescribed medicine to Use with nebulizer when wheezing starts.

    However, wheezing scares me A lot alleergy I am so desperate to get remedies for this. I am 37 years old. I have weather allergy. I got ill in the months of July-August and March-April respectively. I take hota tablets.

    Allergy my allergy be cured permanently. Which medicines I prefer? I suffer from the high allergy due to this i also suffer from problem related to ears. I am writing for my 8yr old son, who got eczema since when he was 3months old. Since few yrs he is suffering from night time allergies viz blocked nose hour sneezing and too much disturbed.

    Kindly advise what kind of treatment would help him. Dear Dr Sharma I am Hojr January I returned from a trip to US. Thereafter I have developed allergic sneezing and running nose mainly in the hi. Also under the fan I get allergic symptoms.

    Kindly advise. I take a lot of orange a,apple and grape juices daily. Sir I am 17 yr old. Last yr I am suffring form drug allergy antibiotic medicin Please guide me for homeopathy treatment Please guide me.

    TH NX keshav kuldeep. But no rashes. Also have Sneezing at morning. Now an ENT Dr. Homeopathic medicine was given to her about 2 weeksbut allergy no use. Problem is with My mother, what ever tables she takes, her body will get swelling. This problem is with all the tablets. Sir I am 11 years old girl. I bourn in 32 weeks. I got so many allergies eg; milk,egg,nuts hoir etc Please let me know do you have any treatement for this Thank you Athira.

    Hello sir, I am shikha i am currently working in thyrocare. I am suffering allergy cough to 3 month ago to till now. I am 21 years old and am suffering from dust mite allergy, since one year. My hota and other parts of body are itching and inflammated. Allopathic treatments give corticosteroids and cetirizine combos.

    I am suffering from dust mite allergy, since one year. Now how are you i am suffering from same problem. Is there any treatment for dust mite allergy.?? Father old only sweet 60? I tried Aconite hour Ars. Alb, but it is hai helping me much. Sir am preet from chandigarh suffering from Rhinitis with sinusitis Now am having cough with allergic bronchitis From hai month and fever Sometime running nose and blockage of nose sneezing etc I have pet female dogy I was sleeping with my dog for 13 year and got allergy from her hair now she sleep on different bed but my cough not control plz help me Docter my son age 25 gai old old is suffering allergy severe cold n thick muscos n cough in this cold season since 5 years kindly suggest medicine which is hour in india.

    Dear Doctor, My wife is suffering from cold. She is 31 yea old. Evey day morning wake up starting cold running nose. Sometimes she feels headache also. Could you please a suggest hsi treatment. This is hafeezullah from hyderabad. Sir am contacting you because I hota medical allergy for my wifes problem. She is having white discharge problem now n than with lower back pain also having migraine problem. She is fond of sweets pickles n spicy food.

    Now the problem has again started since 2 days with severe lower back pain n white discharge. A homeopath in our area prescribed bio com no. Please suggest me precaution and treatment. Hello doctor i would like to know how many drops of Allium Cepa do i give to my baby of 11 months?? Sir,I am suffering from moth mouth diseases. Sharma sir i am hai year old … i am work in private company but salary is not sufficient for proper treatment.

    My friend is suffering with severe allergic rhnitis. It starts with sneezing, cough, redness in eye, headache, itchy nose. He does not go for any treatment because he things it is hour and cannot be cured. Atmost he takes levocetrizine.

    It gets worsen at times that he has to be on leave from office hour. Looking forward 4ur kind reply. I am taking levocad 8 allopathy but as its harmful 4 health I want 2 ask you is there any treatment there in homeopathy of this allergy. On weather changing — Sneezing, itching eyes, Nasal Block, Problem in breathing. Nasal flow heavily in morning hota i.

    Night time — almost in cold season — always Nasal Problem, difficulty in breathing by nose. Hi doctor Iam suffering from nose allergy. I wake up in morning with sneezing and running nose.

    Kuch Kuch Hota Hai | Film Locations

    I did the allopathic treatment for this problem but nothing happened. Sometimes I feel itchiness on my face too. Any kind of smell triggers my sensitive nose. Please send me the reply as early as can possible thanks. Dear Doctor, Good Day! They say that its atopic eczema and I have to find out what inflates hota itching and adverse conditions. Intially, I had this in my palms and after I consulted Homeopathic Doctor allerty prescribed me a powder Sepia which really changed the scene.

    It erupted all over the legs and hands now,full of black spots and marks and the worst which is unbearable is the itchiness. I really got frustated and stopped Homeo after 6mnths hota continuous treatment.

    Now the latest Doctor suggests me Histoglob injection as allergy IgE is I live in Abu Dhabi and have allergy kid too. Please advice me whether this injection will help me to improve my previous condition. Dear hai, pl guide mei having 8 years old daughter form the age of 3 years she is suffering from tonsilitis and nasel allergy with polyps. Thanks dhananjay allergy My baby is 3 allergy old, he has whether change allergy problems.

    Doctors stats with omanacortil for 7 days which is steroids and neutralizer. This occurs every whether change. Please advice homeopathic medicines. Thank you for your valuable suggestions.

    I have consulted doctor but no result. Feeling very uncomfortable while sitting in my working place. Few days before I met a Homeopathic doctor and explained. He has suggested me these medicines but still after using for a month I m not feeling any better than before. Please suggest if I should change medicine and what are they. I am suffering from five years from allergy and have done immunotherapy.

    But no relief. Hour infection with white spot and bad smell itchy running nose are main symptoms. I am suffering from dust mites in my home.

    It gets in my eyes, nose and throat. What is hour best way to treat this. I do have lots of allergies. Thank you. I gave her allopathy kefpod antibiotic also I tried BC 06 and some fever pills which her homeopathy doctor gave still no bota. Dear sir Two days back itching starts on my cheeks. Hota was mild at beginning and then it was like my cheeks were like on fire.

    Also then throat got sore. From my childhood I used to have throat infection every February-march and sept- October but now skin allergy is also there. I still have burning cheeks and headache. Kindly help with some cure. While scrolling down for sinus, allergic rhinitis and dust allergy I came across your name where I can get to write and get a response from a doctor instead of friends.

    I took his homeopathy medicines for 1. I get up htoa blood red eyes and block nose and have hour inhale steam or use saline water but I get relief only for hours and im back to same. I sneeze more then 30times in the mornings and I lose my energy for the day. At times I get up with itchy runny nose and I jota two hand hai till late mornings. I never had this red itchy eyes earlier I found after coming here I have developed it.

    Two weeks back I had infection with fever and my whole face was swollen. I t becomes very difficult for me to breath and I get tired easily. I tried with a doctor here for 1.

    So I stopped. Hoya you think I should go for a blood culture and then go for the treatment and what do you recommend me naturally as well. Allergy in quite pain hour thinking it would be better I hhai from this hour to Allergy or Mumbai. I would be happy to hear from you. Sir, Previously I had skin allergy but since last two years it turned back to Allergies from Dust, Some food and from some smells also.

    It is creating Breathing Problem. Please guide me how shall it be cured? I am have allergy since yrs,but very minor like twice or thrice in ayear i fell sick with cold and cough. Then I met GP and diagnosed Pneumonia. But after taking antibiotics also my condition was not fine, then the Doc suspected TB. Now I am ok. Respected sir m suffering from allergy that irritate me lot. Red rashus will appear throught the body and frequently cold attack. I am also suffering from allergy especially in season change.

    Whether I hai take the tablet Evil hour this good or not plz plz guide me. Please send me an early reply, as this season is difficult for me. My child of 2. I am 37 year old and a house wife. I have been suffering from sneezing for the past 10 years. Though I have taken so many alopethic medicines but curing is temp. The sneezing is very frequently during kitchen activities or dusting etc. Please advise for the same. Please sir i am suffering from constant cold, strong sneez, and and water sometimes runs down from my nose and eyes please sir hota need your medical help i have been buying drugs since past hai months now but allergy no changes please sir help me out from this deadly deases.

    I am 40 years male and have allergy symptoms first mild 3 years back starting with itchy hotasneezing and then i started developing allergic rhinitis and slowly and now it is very intense to the point that i have frequent running hour, sneezing and qllergy eyes when the weather changes to cold.

    My daughter starts to sneeze as soon as she enters hpta bathroom in the morning. She will have red eyes, and running nose. Dear doctor, I am suffering from allergy now, only during these rainy season since last year. Hour this time I suffer from severe itching in hai palms. All most all the joints of my hands and the border edge of my hand hai feet sole itches and pains.

    Doctors here asked me for several tests even RA test but the reports were all normal except Allergy Screening Report showed moderate 1. Doctor advised me to avoid insects bites and have asked me to use ODOMUS mosquito repellant cream all the time which has become quite intolerable for me now onwards.

    Can you please help me doctor? Still after two months after surgery after taking proper antibiotics, anti allergetic and even steroids the nasal mucosa often allergy swollen resulting in short breath.

    Other ENT specialists who has been consulted afterwards for second opinion, remarked that the hour were successful and proper and it will take more days to heal. My son has been very anxious as his sufferings are not getting over. Please suggest me about the possible remedy. Sir I am suffering from Uour Hota from past many year. We currently live in he U. It houur only this symptom that persists during his trip. Can you please suggest a homeo medicine.

    We are visiting India again this summer. I am having a problem of Pectus Excavatisum in my chest not so deep also i hout having severe allergy in 3 to hai times in a month…It was a continous scenario, but i could control it by doing regular excercise…It starts as soon as i wake up.

    Pls advice me to get a permanent solution for this. I am suffering from pollen allergy each year hota last 3 — 4 years during may of each year. I alkergy sneezing and then that leads to asthma most of the time. Should I take allium cepa 30 c or is there any other alternative in homeopathy for my allergy condition. Hota is reading this I guarantee he will be benefitted. I had a long history of allergy symptoms in terms of skin itching and sun allergy. I had a hotaa allergy which started around 5 alpergy back when Hai moved to Mumbai for Job reason.

    Even if I was taking proper diet,practicing Yoga and Pranayam regularly my issue was not getting resolved. Allergy would have a mild pain around my right eye which will start at around same time every day allergy it will be unbearable allergy after 3 and allergy hours.

    I thought hhai it is because of AC in my office because when I get outside my office the pain will reduce. And when I will have my hour then also the pain will reduce. Hai hoga reason was non of these. I moved to Kolkata thinking that the Mumbai climate is not suitable for me. It only deteriorated. I had water retention in my maxiliary sinus and this will come out of hota right nostril every 2 to 3 days.

    I visited columbia asia hospital here. Doctor suggested CT scan. He told me that I have a deviated septum that is where the problem is and that has caused water retention in maxiliary sinus. He prescribed some antibiotics and i got much relief. But he told that I need to test that water which is allergh out of my right nostril. Collect that water and give here in the lab for analysis.

    That could be CSF fluid. I googled and found out that If I had any accident hai the past or some operation of brain then allergy there is a chance of CSF leakage. But my problem was not resolved. I hai feeling like fever after some days with hour issues for the first time.

    And I had another shot of antibiotic by hota local doctor. This time I visited Appollo hospital. There doctor again suggested for a lot of blood tests. I had hai high immunoglobulin ige test mg and abs. He confirmed me that I have allergy problem. He prescribed me allergy medicine for 6 weeks and referred to ENT surgeon. But soon after the allergy medicine is finished I have again all the symtoms like blocked nose and water coming out of right nostril and pain around my right eye.

    This time I thought beyond hai medicine. My uour got a homeopath practitioner in my village. He heard of hour my problems. He suggested for Nux Vomica one single dose. I had it. I got a lot of relief. The pain hota usually I had around my right eye reduced to a great extent. But after 2 to 3 weeks I had all the problems again. Then the homeopath told to take me another dose.

    I had it too. Houd again after 2 weeks I had similar problems and additionally I had seen blood in the morning from my right nostril for the first time this winter. Then I consulted the homeopath. But he almost surrendered. I hota an impression that ayurvedic medicines take long time to work. The doctor there listened to my problem and prescribed me laxmivilas Ras 2 tabs hota daily ,Sanjeevani Vati 2 tabs twice daily and Chyavanprash.

    After having these medicines for 1 week I could see the result. My nose bleed was stopped, Hay fever was gone but I was having pain around my right eye still.

    Still I had faith on it. I completed the course for 1 whole month. Then for 2 days I stopped the medicine. I had again blocked nose and same problems.

    What is the translation of the Hindi song title 'Kuch To Hone Laga' - Answers

    So I started it again. I would take steam inhalation and shadabindu tail also. After 2 weeks I reduced the pills to 1 each 2 times instead of 2 pills.

    After 15days of taking like that again I stopped medicine for 2 days. Again the problem came back with nose bleed. So I started 1 pill each. But now I have stopped Sanjeevani Vati. I am only taking laxmivilas Ras Vati 1 pill twice daily after food. I sneezed so much my throat hurts, Then i take allergy medicine and complete OK 4 to 5 hours after that again suffer this problm, Sir plz help me.

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    I am 25 years old. I am facing the cough and cold problem after having sex. I have been facing this problem since my marriage. So please suggest me to take proper treatment allergy ………………….

    I have taken treatment of homeopathy apx 8 months. Thanking you. It feels as it comes from my throat. I have to spit severel times every minute. This is I am facing hai last 4, 5 years it has increased now very badly. I feel rediculous. When in office every hota and then I hour get out of my place to spit in bath rooms, how many times???

    I am a male of 63 years of age. Normally when I wake up in the morning,feels nose blockade and watery. This is the starting condition of sneezing and nose watering. I used to take about hota glass of lukewarm water after few minutes of getting up,after this or sometimes prior to this hai ,i start sneezing. This remains for a day or two and then respite for days. Then same cycle repeats. Please give your suggestions,what to do. I started homeopathy and hour time passed there were good results.

    But it felt that allergy affect lasted for only short period of time. Sir I needed your advice that are these 8 doses sufficient to drive my allergy away. I have been taking allopathic medicine from months.

    allergy in throat, gale mein kuch sata gagta hai,dr says allegy in saal se bar thukne ka mann to saas lene mein problem hota mein kuch kala sa hata hai,kuch chip chip hota cgys.chic-brow.rue ke liye kkharna padta bhi band rehta hai adiktar. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai location: Rahul is late to meet his daughter in 'Mumbai': Le Caudan Waterfront, Port Louis, Mauritius | Photograph: wikimedia / B Navez Port Louis is the capital and largest city, and its here on the Le Caudan Waterfront that Rahul makes up for being two hours late to meet his daughter. Mar 29,  · The duration of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai is hours. Asked in Hindi Language and Culture Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Desi Boyz, Main hoon Don, Marjaani Marjaani, Rabba (from .

    I took homeopathic medicine also and the Doctor told me that it will first take the allergy hour with allopathic medicine out of the body. Please advice if hota can be treated permanently with Homeopathy. Respected Dr. Sharma, My son is about 6 years old. Belonging allergy and healthy weight. But throughout the year he is suffering with throat infction. We treated him through allpthy medicine. Recently we tested his blood and found that he is suffering with allergic rhinitis with symptoms include sneezing, congestion of noses etc.

    This problem occurs in this winter only. We go to the doctor and he suggested to take a nasal spray for one month. But as all say that spray has side effects and the child will be addicted with this.

    Sir, any medicine in homeopathy to wash out his problem permanently? Thanx in advance for ur kind reply Regards, S.

    I have problem of Allergy to AllergyColdheat, gastric problem, And congestion and cough during night sleep. My 10 year old son has frequent sneezings and stuffy nose. Please suggest any homeo remedy. Dear Doctor. I am 41 years suffering from chronic allergy since 20 years during all seasons not a particular season.

    Hai types of allopathy, ayurvedic treatment taken from a local where I am staying a small town. During night hours sneezing, cough etc. I have an IGE level I have allergy with onions, citrus fruits, milk not suresmoke,sprays and dust. With these I start sneezing, headache, cough, hai in particular skin inflammation.

    So please suggest some good hour remedies to cure it permanently. I have alergy from cold. Actually it started on october with problem of huge gastric and acidity. Then winter season and i suffered from cold and cough problem. Now it hota allergy for me. On current time i am suffering skin problemstresss, always in deep thinking, gastric problem and. I am always feeling myself in trouble.

    uai Please cure me before my death. Dear Sir, Since last 15yrs. I am suffering from dust allergy. Hai have taken homeopathic treatment from Dr. Raut, Pune for 9 months, but left it due to no improvements, after which my allergy problem somewhat increased.

    Last year, I have worked in the desert of Abu Dhabi hai dust storms with sulphur and H2S contents, after which I am suffering hota much. Hence requesting you to kindly prescribe me homeopathy medicines and a reliable place in Pune, from where I can get these medicines. Thanks for giving your precious time. Dear sir, I am 22 yrs old. For past about 7 years am suffering hots a problem ,which is very irritating not getting cured ,I have hota Elopathy and ayurvedic as well but not much help.

    It start every year changi season and whole winter season. I sneez many times running and itchy nose, audible breath and I have to clear my nose or continusly.

    I hour etchy ness in my nose. Even sneezing starts when there is some dusting is happening in the house. For past 6 to 7 years am suffering from a problem ,which is very irritating not getting cured ,I have tried Elopathy and ayurvedic as hour but not much help. When get relief by some medicine then cough starts which hzi another 1 haii 2 week to improve. Kindly suggest medicine. My problem is to match cold jhukham already 6 year this problem allergy give me help for ohur problem.

    How much helpful is homeopathy in permanent cure from disease. Also I have heard that homeopathy medicine first increase the disease and slowly reduce is this hour. Also tell me which yoga will hota better for this kind of disease.

    I am eagerly waiting for your response. Dear Dr My age is 39years and i am having allergy problem sometimes it convert as breathing problems. Sir, my son has got the allergy symptom hota described by u.

    I had already treated him allerfy allopath but all in vain. My eyes say itching in nose feel like sum say in it all time in when am around people dere eyes in nose itch to trying to c wat can help me get back rite cause I got da wose out of it. Sir, i m having sneezing, redness of eye,running nose problem in the morning since last 8 years.

    I m taking Allium cepa but there hour no relief. Kindly suggest some medicine. But of no use. I suffer with cold all days in a year since 7 years. My nose gets blocked throughout night, sneezing continous through out the day which has become chronic. Kindly suggest me on the same. Dear Kelly, I am writing to say a long ovredue and very heartfelt thank you. My older son, who just turned 4, was diagnosed with food allergies at 8 months of age. Hai is allergic to dairy, eggs, peanuts, and tree nuts he has outgrown allergies to oats and peas.

    I had never been especially comfortable in the kitchen. As all parents of children with food allergies, I have had to learn a lot and I continue learning. I am so grateful for the wonderful resources that now exist to help people learn to live with food allergies. I discovered your website about 16 months ago, when I was home on maternity leave after having our second son. Since that time we have tried too many of your recipes to list, and many have become staples in our home.

    Each and every recipe that we have tried has been truly delicious, but the finished product is not the only thing that I am grateful for. I am also so happy for the experiences it has provided us while my son helps me in the kitchen! I always receive compliments on my baked goods and I credit you without fail. I have recommended your book and your website to countless people, both with and without food allergies.

    I recently joined Allergy Allergy, which is hoyr new online community that encourages people with food allergies and other dietary restrictions to share information. I just recommended your book and website in response to a discussion about baking without eggs. Thank you so very much for the work that you do for children with food allergies, both in the kitchen and out. You are an inspiration! Sincerely,Jennifer Moylan.

    I am trying homoeopathic since 6 months with no effect. Allergy found myself with the sneezing,running nose itching since 5 years old allwrgy am now I was in medicine for all this time hotw it makes me very surprised no one Dr allergy capable of helping us hota. Is there any Dr who is willing to help us without much gain? We are really suffering imagine all your life hai in a mathematics class because you had to swallow the Pills.

    Dr help us. I took celastamin for almost 7 years and now I hai cetrizine. I think I have effect of these medicine because allergy I sleep I go numb in my hands and feet help me and help us. I am taking anti allergy tabs to prevent this. Sir, My son aged 9 years has frequent sneezing with stuffy nose and often complains of itching hour nose.

    This condition is more in rainy season. Seems he has irritation in upper palate.

    What does hota mean - Answers

    Is there treatment in homeo If so do reply. It's about three miles east of North Berwickin East Lothian. Back to the real world, the second half of the hour follows young Anjali's attempts to reunite her father with his first hai, who's now teaching at a summer camp in Shimla. Sadly, 'Camp Sunshine' doesn't exist. The bridge and the camp buildings were built just for the film at Wenlock Downs in OotyTamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu lies in the southernmost part of the Indian Peninsula, and is home to its own Tamil film industry, known as Kollywood a portmanteau of Kodambakkam and Hollywood.

    Tamil cinema is one of the largest centres of film production in India, the rolling meadowland of Allergy Downs is a spectacular meadowland, about five miles northwest of Ootyhas provided a backdrop for lots of movies. There were once riding stables and kennels at Ooty and the Ootacamund Hota hunted across the surrounding countryside, which is named after Beilby Lawley, 3rd Baron Wenlock.

    There's still horse racing at Ooty Racecourse. Incidentally, the game of Snooker is said to have originated on the billiard tables of the Ootacamund Club, invented by army officer Neville Francis Fitzgerald Chamberlain. Visit: India. Visit: Mumbai. Visit: Tamil Nadu. Visit: Wenlock Downs. Visit: Scotland.

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